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PIPEFIT SOLUTION PVT. LTD. cater to growing demands of Fasteners standards Nuts, Bolts, stud Bolts, Washers etc in all materials like Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel & High Nickel Alloys. We Manufacture, Export and Supply these Fasteners which meets with national and international quality standards and producing base which owns equipments conforming to international technical level and is well equipped with a whole set of advanced plasma refining equipments.

Bolts & Nuts for flanged connections

Types of Bolts

In Petro and chemical industry for flange connections Stud Bolts and Hex Bolts are used. The Stud Bolt is a threaded rod with 2 heavy hexagon nuts, while the Hex Bolt has a head with one nut. Nuts and head are both six sided.

Stud Bolts general

The quantity of bolts for a flange connection will be given by the number of bolt holes in a flange, diameter and length of bolts is dependent of flange type and Pressure Class of flange.

Stud Bolt length are defined in ASME B16.5 standard. The length in inches is equal to the effective thread length measured parallel to the axis, from the first to the first thread without the chamfers (points). First thread is defined as the intersection of the major diameter of the thread with the base of the point.

Materials for Stud Bolts

Dimensions from Stud Bolts are defined in the ASME B16.5 standard. The material qualities for studs are defined in the different ASTM standards, and are indicated by Grade. Frequently used grades are A193 for thread rods and A194 for the nuts.

ASTM A193 covers alloy and stainless steel bolting material for pressure vessels, Valves, flanges, and fittings for high temperature or high pressure service, or other special purpose applications.

ASTM A194 covers a variety of carbon, alloy, and martensitic and austenitic stainless steel nuts. These nuts are intended for high-pressure or high-temperature service, or both.

Marking of Stud Bolts

Thread rods and nuts must be marked by the manufacturer with a unique identifier to identify the manufacturer or private label distributor, as appropriate. Below a number of ASTM examples.

Hex Bolt

Allen Cap

Nut Nylock Doom

Eye Bolt

U Bolt

Stud Half Thread

Spring Washer

Cotter Pin

Koch Bolt

Foundation Bolt

Plain Washer

Stud Full Thread

J Bolt

Machine Screw

Grub Screw


Plain Washer , Plain Big & Small Od Washer , Spring Lock Washer , Spring Washer Heavy Duty , Tooth Washer , Star Washer , Tab Washer With One & Two Tab .


Countersunk Raised Head Slotted Screws , Pan Phillipse Head Screw , Countersunk Phillipse Raised Head Screws , Slotted Cheese Trim Head Machine Screws , Socket Head Allen Cap Screws , Allen Countersunk Socket Head Cap Screws , Socket Head Shoulder Screws , Socket Head Cap Screw Low Head , Hexagon Socket Set Screw With Flat Point , Hexagon Socket Set Scews With Cone Point , Hexagon Socket Set Screw With Dog Point , Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Dog Point , Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Cup Point , Imprial Socket Cap Screws, Pan Head Slotted Screws , Cheese Head Slotted Screws , Countersunk Head Slotted Screws.

Specifications Of Fasteners

  • ASTM / ASME A 193 B 8( 304 )
  • B 8C( SS 347 )
  • B 8M( SS 316 )
  • B 8 T( SS 321 ), A 2 , A 4 // ASTM / ASME A 194 B 8 ( 304 ) , B 8C ( SS 347 ) ,B 8M ( SS 316 ) ,B 8T ( SS 321 )
  • AISI 202, 304, 304L,316, 316L, 310, 410, 420 Etc.
  • :4.6 , 5.6, 6.6, 8.8, 10.9 & 12.9 / 'R', 'S', 'T' Conditions.

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